Pip's Beach
Dancing Kelp Seaglass and Driftwood Lamp SOLD - look out for similar lamps  in production

Dancing Kelp Seaglass and Driftwood Lamp SOLD - look out for similar lamps in production

This beautifully worn and sun-bleached piece of driftwood stands tall and proud showing off the graduated fronds of seaglass which seem to dance around it like waving kelp in the sparkling shallows.

Strands of sparkling frosted seaglass trace the grain of this piece of driftwood to create a captivating and unique light sculpture. Rich intense greens graduate to softer aquas and transform into sparkling whites as the fronds of genuine beachglass wind upward.

Years of tumbling by the surf, salt, sand and stones have created the hundreds of pieces of natural seaglass and shaped the driftwood. I like to think of the continuous movement and unlimited energy that have created these pieces and that some of it is captured within the sculptures.

Pips Beach driftwood light sculptures are all totally unique and made, start to finish, by hand in my studio/workshop. I collect the driftwood and seaglass myself from the wonderful beaches close to my home on the Isle of Wight, before cleaning it and treating the wood.  

Each piece takes many hours to design, plan and implement the wiring and lighting. Every piece of sea glass (almost 300 pieces in this lamp) is individually selected for size, shape and colour and set into the wood to create the sinuous patterns which enhance the shapes and grains of the wood.

Pips Beach light sculptures are back lit with 12V LED lights which run cool and draw very little power.

Every piece is designed to meet UK safety standards and we are proud to CE badge all of our lighting products.


Overall height: 470mm

Width: (at widest point of base) 150mm

Depth: (at widest point of base) 150mm

Price: £195

Shipping: UK £25

 Design Copyright (c) Pip's Beach

225 GBP