Pip's Beach
Driftwood "Landscape"  Rectangular Wall Panel

Driftwood "Landscape" Rectangular Wall Panel

A beautifully textured 3D driftwood "landscape" or should that be a beach-scape?

Get lost in the shapes, patterns and textures of the driftwood topography - this piece is intriguing by day or by night, especially  when lit from the side or below. it creates wonderful shadows. 

This sculptural panel created from scores of pieces o genuine driftwood - so me have been cut to reveal the grain of the wood while others, the end pieces, show the wear of the tides and sand that have been created by constant tumbling on the shore.

The natural beach driftwood has been collected from the shores near to my home on the Isle of Wight, washed and treated to remove any hitchhikers.

The panel is edged with brushed aluminum strip to create a crisp contrast against the round shapes of the end grain woden pieces.

Dimensions: 72cm x 28cm 

Design Copyright Pips Beach  (c)  

125 GBP