Pip's Beach
Natural Driftwood Mirror with Seaglass and Pebbles

Natural Driftwood Mirror with Seaglass and Pebbles

This mirror is framed with genuine driftwood collected from the beaches of the Isle of Wight - bringing a little piece of the seaside to your home.

I like choose all shapes and sizes of driftwood, which have been battered, beaten and brought to me by the sea, sand and pebbles.
Each frame is totally unique.... this one uses quite large chunky pieces in soft greys and browns, and I have added tiny highlights of seaglass and tiny pebbles polished by the sea.

If you have a particular shape or size in mind please do get in touch!
Colours do vary too - from very pale sun-bleached pieces through to greys and browns, and even some with weathered paint - so let me know if you want work to particular colour scheme too!

The mirror is mounted onto an MDF backing for stability with pieces of driftwood built up around the frame and glued and pinned in place. Overall size approx 50cm square.

All the driftwood is washed and disinfected to clean off any sand and debris, and just to make sure it's all good, I treat the wood with a proprietary woodworm/rot treatment.
65 GBP