Pip's Beach
Pale Seaglass Ring - Sterling Silver - SOLD

Pale Seaglass Ring - Sterling Silver - SOLD

A simple ring inspired the sea...

The simple, organic shank with an open backed bezel echoes the the soft, slightly pitted texture of the sea glass, tumbled and worn by salt water, pebbles and sand in the surf. The bezel has been moulded around and slightly across the face of the glass to give a fluid, wavelike shape almost like the surf meeting the sand.

The stone is a single piece of white seaglass collected from my local beach. It has been shaped naturally by the sea into an almost perfect oval shape, approximately 1.5 cm across the longest dimension.

This ring has a fine silver bezel and sterling silver shank, but is not hallmarked.

I like to believe that the glass has absorbed some of the energy of the weather and tides, having been worked by the waves over time to create a soft translucent quality to the stone.
55 GBP