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Rip Tide Driftwood and Seaglass Lamp - SOLD

Rip Tide Driftwood and Seaglass Lamp - SOLD

This wonderful piece of driftwood has been set with over three hundred pieces of authentic sea glass to create a stunning and unique focal point to any interior.

This piece of deeply worn driftwood most probably once formed part of a coastal defence on the north eastern shores of the Isle of Wight. Years of erosion by time, tide and the elements has worn the base away until it has broken free and it now starts its third phase of life, from living tree, to part of the beach and now a unique lighting piece.

The seaglass is also collected by me from beaches all around the Island, the action of the surf, salt, stones and sand creating rounded frosted pieces which take on a magical quality when lit.

The sea and sand have worn deep fissures into the grain and theses has informed the placement of the strands of back lit naturally frosted seaglass.

In daylight the piece has a calm textural quality of softly bleached wood and gentle aquas and frosty whites of the glass, but the effect becomes dramatic and exciting when lit especially in low light when the colours of illuminated glass pieces dazzle and shimmer.

An illuminated arc of seaglass in the underside of the driftwood cast a glow over the steel stem and onto the natural stone base.

The piece stands approximately 95cm high and  runs on low energy LED lights, with a transformer neatly hidden in the stone base, so that it runs on standard UK mains supply, with an inline switch close to the lamp base for easy access.

This piece is heavy. Free delivery on the Isle of Wight but please contact me for shipping costs to UK mainland and Europe.

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375 GBP