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Seabreeze Green Seaglass and Silver Pendant

Seabreeze Green Seaglass and Silver Pendant

Kelp green seaglass seabreeze necklace
Simple and soft like a seabreeze this glowing green seaglass makes a beautifully fresh and simple necklace.   The piece of genuine wave tumbled seaglass has been bound in a open backed silver bezel to show off its lovely colour -no frills, no pattern just a simple band of silver burnished around the glass.
Hung on a simple sterling 18" silver trace chain - as fresh as a ocean breeze!

I also have similar silver and  seaglass pendants in frosted white, deep blue, aqua, green and rare pink !

This piece of glass measures approximately 20mm (about 3/4 inch) and overall approx 35mm (approx 1 1/2") with the silver mount  
35 GBP