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Selection of Driftwood Tea Light Holders - £15 each

Selection of Driftwood Tea Light Holders - £15 each

Delightfully quirky tea light holder, handmade from genuine natural driftwood, collected from the beaches near my home on the Isle of Wight.

Driftwood sticks are carefully selected, cleaned and bundled around a solid wood base to create a unique "pallisade" around a glass tealight holder.

The flickering flame of the tealight casts beautiful intricately dancing shadows as it burns. They look stunning as a table centre piece, on a coffee table, mantle piece or in front of mirror, or even better choose your favourite scent and take them to the bath with you for a relaxing pampering session - mmmmm!

I have several tealight holders for sale, each one is slightly different - do give me a call or email me if you would like a particular one - I can send more pictures for you!

Comes with green (apple scented) tealight.

Each candle holder is slightly different so approximate dimensions vary:
Height:  140mm - 190mm
Overall Diameter (at widest point): 120mm - 180mm

Safety Note: These holders are designed for tealights and the driftwood has been arranged so it is not in the heat of the flame and the candle is set inside a protective glass holder to prevent heat coming in contact with the wood.
Never leave a lighted candle unattended.

15 GBP