Pip's Beach
Sentinel of the Sea - SOLD

Sentinel of the Sea - SOLD

A stunning piece of weathered oak driftwood set with hundreds of pieces if genuine sea glass.
The seaglass encrusted lamps are completely unique in the world and are one of my signature products. Every piece has its own character and tells its own special story of the ocean and I let the grain and shape of the wood to guide the design.
Standing straight and tall this piece would have originally been part of jetty or breakwater on the coast of the Isle of Wight, standing like a sentinel in the tide,  offering strength and shelter, and now it has a second lease of life as a wonderful sculptural lamp offering drama and interest.
The deep fissures in the wood have guided the placement of the sparkling frosty seaglass.  The wave tumbled seaglass, collected from the beaches near my home, accentuate the curves and grooves in the grain.
The piece is set on beautiful heavy oak base fashioned from reclaimed oak.

Low energy 12V LED lights create the stunning contrast of the seaglass against the dark wood


We only use high quality commercial standard LED lights and transformers, and create our designs to the highest standards. All Pips Beach lighting carries a CE mark which is your assurance of the care we take to create a high quality and safe product for you.

450 GBP