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Small Driftwood Hanging Heart

Small Driftwood Hanging Heart

Driftwood heart, made with natural driftwood and seaglass lovingly collected from my local beaches. Both the driftwood and glass have been tumbled and shaped by the sea and sand, rounding them into tactile, organic shapes.

Every heart is different - its design being guided by the shapes and colours of the wood that I find. These hearts would make a lovely wedding present or add a loving touch to any home

The driftwood has been washed and dried and then built up in layers on a backing sheet, to build texture and depth. I can often find really interesting pieces of driftwood which I can work into the design to help create the shape.

The seaglass also comes from local beaches and sets off the natural greys and browns of the wood with soft aqua and foamy white accents which seem to have a soft inner glow. 

This heart measures approximately 15 cm from the top to the tip. 
Larger hearts are also available.
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