Pip's Beach
The Wreckers Beacon (with copper straps) A

The Wreckers Beacon (with copper straps) A

This stunning piece of driftwood is part of a shipwreck found off the southern coast of the Isle of Wight - a place renowned in local history for smugglers and wreckers!

The wood has been in the sea for maybe hundreds of years and has been worn and battered by tide and time but still shows the evidence of its use with the some of the wooden dowel fixings in place.

It has been set with hundreds of pieces of seaglass, all collected by me from the beaches around the island following and enhancing the splits and fissures that nature has created. 

The piece uses 12V LED lights to create the effect. Set on a chunky wooden base with switch.

This piece has a partner - The Wreckers Beacon B which is other other end of the same piece of wood, also priced at £475.

Please do contact me for details about shipping. This piece is bulky but I can often deliver items personally 
475 GBP