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Vintage Blow Torch Lamp - SOLD

Vintage Blow Torch Lamp - SOLD

Vintage "Primus" Blow Torch has been cleaned and polished and converted into a stunningly different table lamp. This brass piece has been lovingly restored to its former glory but retains its vintage character including a few dings and signs of wear on the original red handle.

The perfect quirky touch for home or office and lends a little bit of masculine charm.

The torch body has been stripped and polished and fitted with a small bayonet (SBC) lampholder fitting which looks amazing with a sparkling candle bulb. Finishing touches of industrial 3-core armoured cable and an inline switch give it a modern edge.

I have other vintage torches which are also in the process of being converted in our workshop, so look out for other variations or drop me a line at pippasbeach@gmail.com for the latest news,

Powered by a standard UK 240V mains supply with 3 amp fuse, the lamp has a  The piece carries a CE mark and complies with UK standards.
135 GBP